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Default Re: How many miles do you have on your Ranger?

Originally Posted by 93rangerxl View Post
I have a 93 now with 356xxx on it. Between 2012-14 put on over 200K on it hauling whatever I could fit into it and a 5X8 cargo trailer. Sometimes over 4000 lb payload! That's a lot for that 4banger! Replaced clutch and slave cylinder at 305k, about to put in 2nd rear axle (the excess weights have taken their toll). Needing some TLC but still a daily driver. Very dependable.

I love the duratec, but I have to say I dont think they are as tough as the Limas. Thats insane dude. That lima is prolly approaching the toughness of ford's 300 cu in inline 6.
Originally Posted by RideRed View Post
My '11 Power Ranger has just over 14k on her
I'll put on that many miles this year, and probably then some. That Ranger is still a baby!
2002 Ford Ranger XLT Supercab, 2.3L Duratec I4, 5-speed manual, 4.10 gears, ~100,000 miles
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