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Default Re: Let's see your pets..

Originally Posted by southbama man View Post
Those pics would terrorize my aunt. She is a basset hound fanatic. My basset just died a few months ago. She was a good old dog and I had her since I was 4 and idk how old she was. I also just found out who owned the dog that showed up at my house and gave him back and now I want another basset.
Im am not looking forward to the day that I lose mine. Ive grown very attached to the 2 males. this might sound weird to some people but they helped through a tough time in my life and I cant really ever repay them for that. We pretty much raised the boys from when they would fit in the palm of my hand, even before their eyes were open. The female was pretty much the only good thing that came out of me moving to oklahoma. she's a good girl and I love her to death.

One time I talked to an old guy about his basset hound , and he said a great quote: "You don't own a basset hound, they own you"


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^this. my dogs sleep like 16 hours a day
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