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Default 03 ranger 3.0 miss under acceleration.

my truck runs pretty well considering it has 185k. it has a rough idle, which may or may not contribute to this problem: it accelerates fine until it warms up, then if i step on it to pass someone or merge onto the interstate, it falls on its face somewhere between 3 and 4000 rpms. it does the same if i set the cruise on a 70 mph highway and encounter a hill. it seems to be getting worse. the plugs arent new, but i inspected all 6 and they look good. i also know they have around 20k highway miles on them. i tested the coil and found a bad post, so i replaced it with no change in the symptoms. i also just changed the fuel filter a couple days change there either. theres no engine light on, ive been thinking of unplugging a sensor just to turn it on so advance will scan the codes. so ive got a rough idle (which doesnt really bother me) and a hard stall under heavy acceleration when warm. any ideas?
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