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Default Re: Let's see your pets..

My video camera shoots good HD video,..but lousy pictures. So here is Mary Ann the cat that lives with me.


Water gives her exercise..I put it in a coffee cup on this shelf.


Her predecessor was Ginger. Ginger and Mary Ann..shows how old I am (was a kid then)...hope you young students know where that comes from.


She's been with me since she was 6 weeks old,..born about 6 weeks after my Edge was born in N.J. Feb 2002.<the truck. She has a bit of a temper you can play with her a bit, but she lets you know quickly that she's starting to get ticked-off. She talks a lot for a cat and is a great hunter.


I thought I figured out how to post the pictures big..nope. Sorry you have to click on them to see them bigger.

Great pictures of great dogs, cats, barn cats, cattle, and fish!....but all those Basset Hound puppies...12..I think?...and when they are a fair bit bigger,.. that's a wonderful picture!!!!
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