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Ok, so I tried to find where the coolant was leaking but I have no idea what is up other than I might need to get a pressure test kit. The past two days I've driven home (only about 3-4 miles) there was a cloud of vapor coming from the engine due to coolant leaking from some where. Today I tried finding the leak but had no luck. I didn't drive it anywhere but I started it, let it run and warm up, revved it, and checked it periodically throughout both from above the engine and from underneath. During this time I could smell coolant, which might have only been from last time it leaked, but I didn't see any drops or smoke. I can tell that it is/was leaking coolant at one time because there is coolant on the bottom of hoses, bolts, etc from the engine all the way back to the transmission (I think it ran back due the the sloped driveway I park on).

Could this have been from when I changed my coolant a week or two ago? If I had overfilled it, even though I don't think that's possible, or used the wrong coolant would it do this? Or could this just be a gasket leak that only really leaks when I'm in a higher gear and not neutral?
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