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Default Re: My Custom LED Modded 3rd Brake Lights (KY)

Well, after an entire day of soldering leds, I've got all 112 5mm leds soldered in & wired up.
No pics, I was way to tired to deal with the camera tonight.

Just need to get everything coated with a few layers of liquid tape then it's onto attaching the pcb to the 3rdBL & getting everything sealed up.

I've got the same basic setup as the others, rows of 4 led's wired in series; although this time I connected every other row together... so that 1/2 of the led's are controlled by one voltage regulator & the other 1/2 are controlled by another regulator. This was probably overkill, but I wanted to make sure all the led's have enough juice going to them at all times & not to push the current limitations of the regulators. When finished, both circuits will connect into a single connector that will be a direct plug-in to the factory harness. If, for some crazy reason, one regulator goes out the other one will still operate the other 1/2 of the led's.

This one is going to be a little more expensive, due to the greater number of led's, larger pcb's required & all the work modding the 3rdBL to accept the large pcb.
I'm looking at $60.00 for this one... but it's well worth it.

Almost the entire red area is lit up with led's!
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