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Default Re: **Official "Picture That Make You Laugh" Thread*

Originally Posted by AmericanPride! View Post
Lol. I had a similar experience looking for an EGR hose.

After wanting to choke the ignorant teen in front me, I calmly asked where their by the foot hose was.
Bought front coil springs and got asked what size engine it had and I said it doesnt matter what size engine it has, then I got asked if it was two wheel drive or 4 wheel drive and I almost decided to mess with the guy and have him search for 4 wheel drive coil springs.
2014 F150 xl 3.7 6 speed auto.

Originally Posted by pk9298 View Post
HELL TO THE NO!! Abort abort abort!! That's the first thing to go!!! Ewwwww! I'm not no vampire! I don't enjoy red tea
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