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Default Re: **Official "Picture That Make You Laugh" Thread*

Originally Posted by LilRanger93 View Post
That and they ask what engine size. WTF does engine size have to do with wiper blades?!?!
I find it hilarious when you just give the year and model.

"I need X for my '01 Escape"...what make is that?

Really guy? I hate chevy with a passion, but I still know what models!

When they look too, it's listed under Ford Truck. Not just Ford. Some fucking retard at O'Riley actually told me they don't carry parts for my Escape.

" well, I can't find it in the system. I've looked through all the Ford models."

..."try Ford Truck."

"Oh, there it is."

Even if it was your first day, that's pathetic.
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