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Default Re: Tyler's 2007 Build Thread

Alright so i made a Photobucket account and i did a few things over the weekend so i think i can get this thread up and going now. Unfortunately there was a technical difficulty with my job and i didnt get paid my full amount on my Paycheck on friday so i couldnt do much to the truck. That only means my next payday will have what i was missing. so hopefully i can get the Doestch spindles ive been wanting, and maybe a few explorer mods.
I decided to go ahead and clean my MAF sensor and replace my air filter with a K&N filter (not the whole intake) as well as clean out my throttle body. i was pretty certain that there was a good amount of mud in there from the last time i went wheeling and there was ALOT inside my intake.
Theres a good layer of dirt on the bottom, even some leaves.

Fliters side by side. you can see that the K&N is much less restricting that the cheap filters.

My butterfly valve had quite a bit of dirt on it, so hopefully the cleaner does its job.

And of course i had to add my K&N sticker to my collection.

The K&N comes with a million mile warranty and its washable, so i figured i would stick the warranty sticker in the most convenient spot.

The K&N filter costed $52.99 and the part number is 33-2106-1

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