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Smile New to Rangers', but not Fords'

Hello all,

I live in Western Washington State. I sold a 2002 Ford 150 4x4 Lariat with 91,000 miles for $11,000.00; I purchased a used 2003 Ford Ranger for $3,700 - It had a rebuilt title, 84,000 miles, excellent paint, clean, and ran well in city and on the highway. Usage = commuter vehicle, occasionally hauling beauty bark (every two years) and household garbage to dump.

Things that needed attention:
1. Bed liner was a cut to size Ford Bedliner placed in the bed - looked really bad
2. Brakes Squeak
3. Drivers Side Turn signal clear (Passenger side was colored)
4. Floor mat were worn
5. Check Engine Light remained on
6. Dome light missing - when I replaced it, the light stayed on all the time
7. Two tires badly worn, two tires worn 75%

Things I fixed:

1. Line-X Bed liner installed today $450.00 (over the rails)
2. -----
3. Replaced with new bulb
4. Costco rubber mats installed
5. Connected my CAN OBDII memoscan, received a error code P2004, researched this on Ford Forum Enthusiast, Possible IMRC hose. watched this
, purchased a 12 inch vacuum tube from local dealership (12.00 WTF), replaced hose, reset codes, ran for 5 minutes, check engine light off and No Error Codes.
6. Researched via scroogle, sprayed WD-40 in door latch mechanism, open and closed door a few times, Dome Light comes on when door is open and goes off when doors are closed.
7. Purchased 4 - 70,000 mile tires from Les Schwab Tires

All - in - All, I think I did pretty good thus far.

What I received so far: Many comments from people of similar age (mid 40's) "I Love the Ford Ranger - It will last forever if you take care of it!"
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