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i asked about the shipping charges, later i found out that you can estimate them by clicking on the website checkout and not on the button checkout with paypal. But as i wanted to pay with paypal, when i was checking out, the total was only for the items in my cart and there was nowhere i could see the shipping fees. i asked them about it and the only answer i got was: "Please use our website. put it in the cart"

i'm not completely stupid, i know how a shopping cart works, i tried it again thinking i missed something, but as i was redirected to paypal, once again, no shipping fees! so i asked them since the website was not adding any fees if the shipping was free, and i got this very professional answer: PUT IT IN THE CART AND GO THRU THE PROCESS BUT DO NOT PAY

Was it that hard for them to tell me NOT to go through paypal?!
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