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Default Re: Show me your toolbox!

Figured I might as well update this since I bought moar stuffs:

Top dawer- Put my ratchets up here (separated by the magnet lol) since my drawers didn't have enough space for all my sockets AND ratchets lol

Second drawer, metric wrenches.

Third drawer, standard (plus ratchet wrenches)

Fourth drawer- scrwedrivers/pliers

Fifth drawer- sockets

Bottom shelf- junk yard bag and a couple tool sets

Bottom drawer... This-

3 drawer, manly used in case a friend needs help with something so I can throw it in my truck without transferring tools

Top drawer-

Second drawer... Some craftsman sockets and ratchet. My first craftsman tools... Liked them enough to go back for more.

Third drawer... Like I said I went back for more!

Fourth drawer... I need to go back for more on payday.
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