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Default Re: rangers are no longer being made

Originally Posted by 03crewcabranger View Post
I wrote it as Mty, MX cuz.. well... there's nothing interesting about Mexico. lol. Except that you're able to buy crewcab Rangers. lol.

Here we have lots of options for small size pickups with four doors: Nissan NP300 and Frontier, Toyota Hilux and Tacoma, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi L200, VW Amarok, Chevrolet/GMC Canyon, Dodge Dakota... and despite the facelift the Ranger got a year ago, it still looks old. Its interior, and despite all that, I see more Rangers than all of the other, but the Nissans.

Now, IMO, Ford stopped producing the Ranger because when they come up with the new Ranger, which is almost as big as a F-150, it is going to be an awesome competition in other countries but the States or Canada. For example, streets down here are narrower than in the US or Canada, and having/driving a F-150 is not fun at all when you just don't have the space to park it or drive it. Sure there are lots of trucks like that around here, but I've had two jobs where they had a F-150 as work truck and both owners sold their trucks when they moved to another building with narrower parking spots. We are used to small cars. I've seen how my truck gets hit by careless people opening their car doors at those small-spaced parking lots. Trucks like a F-150 or a SUV like a Explorer or Expedition better use two parking spaces instead of one, just so they don't get damaged. I barely have enough space to fit my 5.15 meters (17 ft.) at my house. lol. So, I guess my point is, it sucks that the Ranger is no longer sold over there, but Ford should still give the customer the option to decide if the Ranger should or not be sold. 25+ years selling that truck and then nothing? C'mon Ford!
So you will see the new global Ranger and Mazda there? Ford is going for a one-world policy for most of its' vehicles. All to be sold everywhere. The F-150/Ranger being one exception to this plan...or is it?..that's what I wonder. Why don't they export the probably would sell in many parts of the world especially if used as a company vehicle in countries without parking issues for such sized vehicles. At least Ford is investing big bucks in Michigan and a few other spots in the U.S.A. and Canada. But the real growth is elsewhere and they are investing more there. How is it you live in Mexico Al? Is Monterrey safe? Alleged drug-lord/organized crime killings in other parts of that country are seen in the news often. Canada has had several instances of CDN's murdered there with unacceptable investigation on the part of the Mexican police. eg:Cancun (I think) CDN died by falling off a balcony. OK he was thought to be drunk and fell while trying to climb over to a neighbors balcony. About 1 year later..another CDN dies the same way in the same city! And a few other old couple brutally slaughtered in their hotel-room bed.
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