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A little (physically) business man gets busted for his involvement in misleading shareholders as to the truth of a large companies profits. 10 YEARS he is sentenced to in the state pen. He'd never even spent one night in a local jail all his life. But that is over...his freedom gone when the sentence is given by the Judge. Treated like a dog (but with hands cuffed) he is led to a patty wagon.....for a dark drive to the penitentiary. The wagons doors open..he is yanked out...the prison looks as stark and scary as he imagines new arrivals felt at Auschwitz. No one outside now..only the guards. 2 guards take him to the main gate..then the entrance to the prison cell he is going to live in for the next 10 years. Down the hallways...prisoners yelling insults at him and each other all the time. Then the 2 guards abruptly stop. One unlocks the door to this particular cell..and both guards give the little businessman a big shove into his new/unwanted home. Ker-Chang---KLINCK!!!...the door of bars is locked. All happening in a mere matter of seconds. He had instinctively turned to watch as his last sign of freedom would be gone...the locking of his cell door. He closed his eyes for a moment and thought of his wife and 2 young children....he should have known better than to start fudging the books like his superiors told him to. And now it had come to this. 10 years...OK...can't do anything about that he thought to himself. Maybe if I can sleep as much as I can everyday it won't seem as long!!!...Ya!!!
He turned around to look at his new tiny home...only to see the largest/meanest looking person he had ever seen in his life!!!! Like a larger than Arnold Schwarzenegger clone who had done way more steroids than Arnold!!! He had been trembling even before he was in he was shaking and could not bring himself to say anything. The big monster broke the silence 1st...after only a few seconds of looking at the little guy.
"Before anything..let's get one thing straight...Ya wanna be the Daddy...or the Mommy?!!?"
The little business man quickly thought...what would be the ramifications of both choices....with such a big ape. But at least he was given a choice of mommy or daddy....obviously with no chance to refuse to be either.
So trying to sound as loud and strong as he could..he pitifully sputtered.."I would"
Immediately his monstrous roommate replied...."Well come over here and suck mommies **ck!!".
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