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Default Built Ford Tough, even against bears.

So i was on my way home from my girlfriends house. Drivin down a back road doing about 40-45. All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye i see a black figure hunched over running across the road. It was a god damn bear. I downshifted as fast as i could and hit it on my left front. Luckily i had a bullbar on the front of the truck and the bears face smashed into it. I got out and checked to see if the thing was alive then checked the truck. Not a scratch on the truck but blood over the bumper and now i need a new bullbar. those damn ford rangers are built tough
2001 Ranger XLT Step Side 2.5l 4cyl 5spd
K&N Cold Air Intake, Aftermarket Taillights, tonneau bed cover, Dynamax exhaust, shaded corners and 3rd brake light, 8000k hid's, and more to come
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