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Originally Posted by Himecraig View Post
chick magnet convertible.

For me i believed my odds and exposure go up with age.
I gave up riding after 3 high speed clips with unaware my first convertible after that!
Wind in your hair and can carry a weekend full of stuff...wootwootwoot.
Married with kids. Only thing I want to attract with it, are country road twisties. Lol

That's exactly where I'm at. I've had close calls on my bike and it sticks with you...especially with kids.

Hell, I've had close calls in 5 star crash rated vehicles and still puckered my sphincter something fierce.

Then, you have this retarded generation of kids flooding the roadways more and more every year and increasingly using phones and drinking.

It's just scary out there if you sit back and watch/read the accident reports. Even worse when the title is "fatal wreck - motorcycle vs vehicle"