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Default New key and PATS - wont start

I have seen many threads about this problem but none of them seem to have the same side affects as mine. I have a 2000 ranger and went to get a new key made before selling the truck. Long story short the guy behind the counter convinced me that no chip was in the key and gave me a plain key. I inserted it into the truck and the theft light started blinking rapidly and now the truck will turn over but not start even with the original key. Here is where it's confusing me...after disconnecting the battery for 20 minutes it has all the normal pats indicators - theft blinks every 2-3 seconds with no key inserted, when I turn the ignition on the theft light illuminates for a few seconds and turns off, and the truck turns over but will not start. I also checked for spark and I hear the fuel pump. I currently have it disconnected and will try to leave it overnight and try in the morning. Taking it to a dealer is also out of the question considering I am selling it for under $1000. Any help on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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