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Default Re: rangers are no longer being made

Originally Posted by 2002 2WD Edge View Post
Nice truck Mike. The old Ranger still looked pretty good. Sorry about your plumbing problems. I hope you do OK with that. John
Thx John,
It was kind'of hard party with my 02, especially
since it was in excellent condition. I had recently
spent another couple hundred bux on routine
maintenance. I had never before traded or sold
a vehicle in that good a condition. I have always
ran them till they were pretty well worn out.

But I've already fell in love with the new one. It
was easy driving, just like my 02 was. Never
even felt or handled any different.

I guess I should have known spending money
comes in 2's and 3's. One thing and then another.
Getting water back to normal will cost me an
easy grand. But hey it's only Monopoly Money.

Anywho, go back to my album for updated
pictures, here....

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