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This is a good thing for you. Believe it or not. That is the part that sucks.
Govt. contracts ae thrown around all the time they "Pick" a company that cannot handle the load and bleed them dry. 98% of them burn and die, the rare occurance is the the previous will strike a deal with the incoming company and trade skill for keeping them afloat and a larger Kellogg, cough cough Brown, cough Root is born and on rare occassion they actually stay afloat. That is the American way. It seems that even with this tried and true iron clad practice we cannot figure out why our money is so worthless.

Americans and the occasional foreign investor create a company and invest a butt-load of money/time into it and get it running then get a govt. contract go belly up and sell for pennies on the dollar to foreign entities. Somehow with an entire senate of Ivy Leaguers that was the best they could come up with and they cannot find the holes in the system??? I say put them in an Iron Clad Entity off the east coast and see if they can find the holes then??? Amen.
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