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Default Re: Post pics of vehicle you've seen around!

Originally Posted by AmericanPride! View Post
Western Stars are pretty nice. Not enough out there
Ya, mine was a 4900SA, Michigan Special, 500 Cat, 18 speed, 4:33 rears. That thing would get down and pull like hell, plus quiet in the cab, good visibility and handling, and zero rattles at 226k. Ya, just broken in. That was my most favorite truck I've ever had.
We've got a lot of them up here set up as heavy haul loggers and chip trucks.
'04 Edge, Scab/flareside, 2wd, 3.0, 5 speed, 4:10 open. Billet grille, Raceline Raptor black wheels, 265/75/16 DuraTracs. Tbar crank, AAL. Fox shocks, Thrush welded SI/DO swept back side exit. Morimoto projectors, '06 tails and power mirrors. LEDs all the way around. Blacked out fender badge. Access Limited rollup tonneau. 5% tint on back three windows. Airbox mod, FWIW. And a Border Collie that likes it too!!

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