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Default Re: Snugtop Camper 3rd Brake Light

Not trying to resurrect a super old thread, but I do want to add some answers to what I haven't been able to find until I just did it today.

I've got a 1997 Ranger XLT, 2wd 3.0, ymmv. I bought a SnugTop Hi-Liner made in 2000 off of Craigslist and the wiring was not too hard. I didn't think this would be worth posting until after it was done, so I didn't take a bunch of photos, I may edit this later. Here's what I did.

1. 4 Wires hung down from inside the canopy, 2 for the brake light, 2 for the overhead light.
2. Removed the overhead (internal) light because it was broken. I did leave wiring to put it back in easily, more on this in a sec.
3. Pulled off my rear left tail light, as that's what side the canopy cables ran to.

4. Pulled out a multimeter to verify the brake light line I wanted to splice into only activated when the brake was pressed, not when the blinker was on. (I have 3 lights in each housing (tail/brake, blinker, reverse, therefore this is possible to tap into). FWIW, I spliced into the green one marked below.

Ignore the blue clippy-things, that was from a hasty trailer light install from the previous owner.

5. I then soldered leads onto the female A/B parts of a 4-pin connector, one for positive, one for ground. I left the C/D leads available to eventually attach a constant 12v source for the canopy light.

6. I then soldered my leads to the green cable on the tail-light through my splice. Wrapped with tape.

7. I used a crimp-on connector to attach to a nearby ground inside the fender, the pic is just of the trailer ground, I just doubled it up.

8. I had to guess which lead was which inside the canopy for pos/ground because they were both black. I made the assumption that the black with the stripe was ground, and it seemed to work. Buttoned up my work with some plastic sheathing, and boom, all done, no blinking with a quick disconnect.

Hope that was helpful for used canopy users, and again, ymmv.
'97 Ranger XLT, 2WD, v6 3.0 - S.T.O.C.K.
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