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Default Re: If you have an 01+ 4.0 with lean codes (PO171 and/or PO174) look here!

I have a 2000 Mazda B4000 with the same codes. I took the pics from the first post to my mechanic and he said my truck didn't have this elbow. Is this true? My mechanic has replaced the following: MAS, Intake gaskets, Computer, Plugs, Rocker cover gaskets, CAT, O2 censors. Its been smoked tested with acetylene, visually inspected for hours. Latest thing was the wiring harness, the dealer says because it is a wreckers harness they feel it is the problem. (can't verify if it is good) Then they back out of the job saying it will cost to much to continue! Like it is not cost me more then the truck is worth already! My question is could it be a wire tripping these codes and do I have this elbow? It goes to a new mechanic on Tuesday.
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