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Picked up a little project for myself this week. It's a Mossberg 500A that was an ex under the bed gun for someone.

The whole point of this build is a do anything gun, from sporting clays to home defense to tactical 3-gun.

Starting Point:

The etching on the receiver is pretty ugly (in my mind) so this ATI Halo saddle serves a dual purpose. This is the only 500 I've seen without a drilled/tapped receiver. I also swapped out the wood stock/forend for Magpul's SGA in FDE.

Got everything done this evening after work. The receiver was drilled and tapped to accept the saddle mount. I didn't install the included picatinny rail because I'm not using optics on it. The forend was a real pain. I have a 6.5" forend tube, so I had to use the Hogue extended nut. However the nut's OD was bigger than the forend's ID.

18" Barrel

28" Barrel

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