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Default Re: Unique A/C problem

I certainly tried, and had 2 people taking a look at it as well (including one that grew with a dad as a mechanic I believe).

At this point I'm just trying to find out if the ECM could indeed be the culprit and the part that my mechanic is talking about, or if there is some other component I'm missing that would be able to be snagged at a junkyard. It's not that I doubt my mechanic, as much as it's that I don't have $400 to spend on it.

I'm tempted to grab the control panel with the 3 knobs from LKQ for $40, as they're the only local scrap yard I know of. I have read a few places that it can be the knob, but I doubt that, since I can make the air go from ambient/lukewarm to hot, and that would seem to rule out that panel or the sensors mounted behind the knob.
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