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Default Unique A/C problem

2005 Ford Ranger 4.0 XLT 4WD - 130k miles

6 months ago, I had the compressor replaced when the A/C clutch went after trying a "band-aid" that worked for all of 1 day. A/C has been working fine, now it just stopped. I've searched all over the forum and the internet, and can't quite narrow down what's wrong, so here's what I have done:

1) Took it back to place the replaced the compressor, as it was under warranty. Compressor works when power is put straight to it, and the A/C does work intermittently. System is fully charged. They say it's something electrical and mentioned an A/C control module. Estimated repair is $400 including a ~$200 part. (I have been taking cars there for some time, and this shop has a stellar reputation and has always done right by me).

2) All 3 knobs on the panel work. I can get the air to blow from lukewarm to hot by turning the temp. control knob, so I'm pretty sure it's not the blend door, nor is it a loose connection at the knobs.

3) Had someone watch the compressor NOT turn on while changing to a variety of settings.

4) Jumped the pressure switches to test the plugs, and nothing changed.

5) Checked and swapped both related fuses and relays and nothing changed.

So I have ruled out the control panel, the blend door, the compressor, the plugs, the pressure switches, the fuses or relays, and the system is fully charged. I have looked high and low for something called an A/C control/computer module and can't even determine what this is (although I did find out that with some A/C systems, they are tied into the ECM - gulp!).

Any ideas from you gurus?
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