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Default Re: FRF Watercooler / BS Thread 2014 - Part V

Originally Posted by Spidey2011 View Post
Lmao. He's too busy rickying on mustangs to worry about a silly oil change light.
Originally Posted by Pasco08 View Post
It never came on. Saw the sticker and looked at the mileage


Don't you have a site to go admin with all 24 members.
it usually pops up 5k after it was reset. And theres a specific way to reset it which most people have no idea how to


Originally Posted by Pasco08 View Post
Don't you have somewhere to be socially awkward aka autistic.
dont tease us socially awkward people
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Originally Posted by 2004 fx4 level II
fuckin Nissan shhhiitttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!