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Default Re: The Offical Vent Thread.

Originally Posted by tredeh View Post
I got a job when I turned 16 too.


I have to pay for everything too, haha


yeah, they seemed very supportive of my getting a job and everything. Not if I try and bring it up it just turns into my mom screaming like a little kid. That's her solution to everything.


I have a job, it's just on my own hours and I have time for a second. ESP with winter coming. It just pisses me off that I finally land a second job and they do this shit. They didn't even tell me we were staying another day, I had to bring it up to find out. Otherwise I would find out tomorrow when I packed to leave. They had no plans of telling me.
Go home start smoking weed and sit on the couch till your 40 teach them a lesson!

That sucks though. Your boss will probably be cool with it unless they are one of those nothing matters more than my agenda people like your parents.

The screaming: the old who is the loudest is correct theory that brand of behavior that fucks generations up in action. Your sister probably wants them gone to... How can you do proper binge drinking with Mom and dad right there.
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