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Default Re: Build Thread - Logan's 2003 Mach 1

Originally Posted by Ranger Truckin View Post
Super charger?
For this ride - I don't think so. But who knows.

However, I've been drooling over a fully built engine & maybe another form or forced induction - Turbo

(Will be a longgggg ways down the line) - Like everything I do, I'm not a fan of just slapping something on.

I want to do it 'right' & in the correct order to make it as reliable as possible.

Originally Posted by LilRanger93 View Post
Very nice, very nice. Good to see another mustang/ranger owner lol.

Now add hood scoop emblems to your shaker, you'll get +50hp and tq since its actually functional .

Yeah, I've seen those - however I'll pass on the extra emblems!

No use for that 'extra' horsepower! haha
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