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Default Re: Advanced Auto Coupon Codes

I've had pretty good luck with Advance, though I usually split between them and O'Reilly. That being said, I have noticed that my auto parts store experience depends almost exclusively on location, not the logo on the front. Some stores just seem to hire the people who don't really know or care about anything. Others go out of their way to get the fun people who are really enthusiastic about auto maintenance and stuff. I see the extremes of each across all chains. So far, Autozone is the one that's produced the most of the bad kind. But hey, that's just for me. I forgive Autozone since their online vehicle repair stuff more than makes up for it.

The coupons and stuff are hardcore though. Just got some synthetic oil for a good chunk less than just buying in-store. Heck, with those discounts, I might have been able to beat the Walmart prices for the ATF from few weeks ago.

Oh, and to reference that earlier claim, I couldn't get them to price-match the outer tie rod ends I recently bought (half the price at Rock Auto). But, I also didn't push too hard for it since I wasn't in a hurry. It might be worth asking about in the future. There was another time when they accidentally sold me some spark plug wires that they didn't have. Their inventory said they had one Autolite set, but no Motorcraft, so I just bought the Autolite. The system was wrong, so they didn't have it either. Instead, they offered me the Motorcraft wires for pickup the next morning, price-matched to the cheaper Autolites to try making up for the inconvenience. That was pretty nice.

On that note, watch the inventory. Their staff usually knows better, but the computers love to lie to them. Seems to be a common issue. They should check before actually ringing it up, but do watch that. One more reason why buying online is cool.
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