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Originally Posted by Solo V8 4G View Post
Its not in all cases that you want to reduce your exhaust back pressure. On a DD you want to keep some thats why they make mufflers, the muffler was designed to help regulate the amount of back pressure in the exhaust system. If you ever do this, you will only notice a gain (if any) at the bottom end (take off). Unless you are running a turbo set-up or a diesel (which have very, much higher exhaust psi's) you want to keep a muffler on it. How about this, remove you exhaust from the y-pipe after the NOx reducer on your truck and you will see exactly what I am talking about. I used to have a 2000 Trailhead 3.0 2x4 I was under the same assumption, because my papa had/still has a 89 Fox body with no exhaust that he ran at the 1/8 track in Duqoin IL, my teacher in college (NTI/UTI) suggested that I removed my exhaust and report to him the difference. So I did, very little at anything over 4k.
Idk it's what Kyle tells me other wise. And he works on
and stuff like this lo pro

Idk its what he does for a living. I was asking for cheap good ones. Not that they don't work cause they do. Dyno's speak for themselves
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Let's just say it's not stock
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