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Default Re: FRF Afterhours / BS Thread

Originally Posted by Clinton View Post
But if it was your thread and you needed help with something and someone like me started that crap and got your thread closed, you wouldnt be happy about it. The boob comment has its place, on off topic threads and I agree that it is where it belongs. There are over 13k members on this site, everyone has different personalities and can misconstrue typed words and get offended, I've done it and others have as well. If they have a different feeling about it, just let it go. There are plenty of other members who need help or advice, and there is the after hours where you can talk freely, so if you stick to those things you dont have to worry about the others that you mention.
Agreed, this is a ford ranger info forum. I like boobs also but am sure that there are people who would be offended. Everyone has their own opinions and are entitled to that.
I think we also have some users that are quite young.
Net or no net, I think it speaks to maturity. If i want to see boobs i go to an appropriate site. I love this forum and think we should keep bs to this thread and if we want to see boobs the net is flooded with them.
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