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Default Link for paint to color match front and rear bumper and repair left fender

I have decided i want to color match both rear and front fender to my truck. I need to repair the left fender as well, as it have been repaired.

My chrome had wholes which I will get fixed before the paint job, and everything is faded..

Looking for links to what paint to use? As I am based in Denmark I cant find any here!

Looking for primer, paint and clearcoat.

My colorcode is: TR - Medium Graphite Metallic w/ clearcoat

I am going to get a billet grill and the upper chrome trim piece along with billet grill will be painted satin black.


Fender that needs paint:

1997 - 4.0 - Auto - 4x4 - Extended cab

1997 - 4 banger - 5-speed - 2WD - Extended cab
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