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Default Re: FRF Afterhours

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^^ Agreed, hiring managers won't pull up your application and look at it when you call. Show up with another resume and application in hand, generally first thing in the morning is the best, before they get too caught up with their shit for the day.


Also, if you show up on time, and are responsible, you're more likely to keep the job... so far tonight, you've show us that you are not so much...

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And wow this thread can move fast....
hahaha, welcome aboard... Once a train starts, it's hard to stop.
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and as for boobs, as long as the cant hold up a book with sag, pointed in the right direction and not peperoni or canadian bacon nips were good to go!
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ok...i'll just come out and say it... you got's an auto. That alone revokes your right to brag about being part of the elite Level II's! Take that!
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Oh come on....every girl likes pink....even Demon
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