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Actually.....weight difference is HUGE! Fiberglass hood is far heaviler than your guy's aluminum hoods.

Was found on 01-03 XLT 4x4's and Edge trucks. Unbolting one and bolting back on to a double lifted ranger = not much fun. lol.

To answer the question, I'd say if it's cheap enough, do it! You've gotta paint it anyway and do glass work anyway to make it fit the 04+ front ends. Did some fiberglass work to my brothers little kit car a few years back....had some cracks that we cured by dremeling the cracks open and uniform, filled in with fiberglass filler(almost like bondo), sanded smooth, couldn't tell there was anything wrong with it after prime and paint. Those cracks look like they're only on the outside skin, so it's good to go. If it's on the underside skin, I honestly wouldn't bother with the hood.
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