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Default Adding Cruise Control

I got a few questions about adding OEM cruise to my 2000 2.5L A/T Ranger:

I know you need the servo, cruise control buttons, actuator/cable, and the clockspring. I've seen others have said some Rangers are prewired for this. How do I know mine is prewired? Also, if it isn't what harnesses do I need (locations). I have access to a 98 explorer with cruise to get the parts (minus the cable) from just need to know what to get. If i have to replace a whole section of harness, I will just to give it more of that clean OEM look. (Don't really like splicing wires, done it tons of times, but less splices is less weak links in the chain).

Also, for the brake booster switch can you switch out the master cylinder with the switch from an explorer to a ranger?

Optional question good for 10 bonus points: Can you install a 05 up steering wheel onto a 2000 and will the cruise harness be the same as the older gen.

Thanks guys any input is greatly appreciated!
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