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Default Re: FRF Afterhours

Originally Posted by 99RangerAlfredo View Post
my mom definitely just texted me saying "maw-dot in garage ... get up n b nice"
let me get my bitchiness out before i have to go see my only living grandparent..............

1) wow mom you text like a 13 year old.
2) how do you expect me to get up ... out of a peaceful sleep ... and be "NICE"
3) way to wake someone up ... via text ... thats what kids my age do ... you're my mom its much better when you walk in and like "lindsey ... sweetie ... get up..."
4) nvm scrap that cause you would have been like "BITCH GTF UP!"
5) what if i didn't hear the phone mom? then what ...

bitch bitch bitch i guess i gotta go fake some niceness ... this is where my amazing acting skills come into play..... grrrrrr

edit: you called and i definitely ignored you bwahahahhaahahahahaha i'm coming i'm coming be patient ... brushing hair/teeth...
Your mother would be disappointed in hearing this conversation