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Default Re: The "what do you hate about your Ranger today" thread

Originally Posted by gcextreme View Post
What do i hate about my Ranger today...

1: Time for new spark plugs
2: It's dirty and need washing
3: The inside needs to be cleaned out, its a mess
4: It's down to 1/4 tank, but that will last me til next payday next Thursday.
5: I gotta find time to hook up my amp and sub, they haven't been in it for over 2 years, lol.
6: Passenger side headlight has condensation in it, gotta tear it apart and clean and reseal it...may do the headlight mod and paint the inners either red or black.
Red would look sick but hope you get it all done. I need to get my cab all cleaned out its terrible but I did wash it today used turtle wax ice and it is the best I have ever used.
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