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Default Re: The Crossbow and Bow Hunting Thread....

Originally Posted by Mr.Bass1984 View Post
Right now I own 2 bows. I have a Bear Charge that I will be giving to my cousin this year because I just picked up a nice used Bear Anarchy. I hunt in Wisconsin where crossbows are now legal to use, but I'm good enough with my compound bows that I don't see the need to go crossbow yet. I've been hunting with rifles for 18 years, but this will only be my 4th year bow hunting. I got a nice 6 pointer in my first year bowhunting, nothing my second year, but I got two does last year and I passed on several nice buck while looking for something bigger. Here's a picture of one of my does and my new bow.
Nice man real nice. In my state a crossbow use to be only for handicapped hunters which I am now. Now you can't hunt with one without being handicapped which is cool.

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My Martin tracer lt... I missed a doe this year with it cuz the arrow hit a small branch
Nice bow man. I bet that branch is getting cussed on a regular basis, L.O.L.


The reason I chose a crossbow is because they have alot more power and thanks to the website I posted earlier, they're much cheaper than alot of your compound bows are in some cases. I can't belive Horton Archery went out of business last year (July, 2013). Ghostblind is coming out with another blind that's larger than their predator version. It's for water fowl hunting.
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