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Default Re: 2009 4x4 Ranger Build

Originally Posted by stephen View Post
When you ditched your t bars did you make your own mounts for the shocks or did you buy them from somewhere? If you made them do you mind sharing your measurements and such? I really want to do that to mine.
Yes had to make my own shock hoops and shock tower cross brace (connects the two shock hoops/towers over the engine bay.

Measurements would be pretty irrelevant as every set up is different regarding shock angle, full compressed shock length, full extension shock length, lower shock tab placement, etc. There are alot of aspects that factor into making these shock hoops ideal for the setup.

Originally Posted by WNH View Post
Hey man nice truck! First saw it in this video and wondered if you were on Frf
Yes, that was me and my club making a ridiculous big block go kart. I am mainly on dezertrangers but frequent hear at FRF as well to keep in touch with everyone.
2009 4x4 Ranger Build

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