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Default ANOTHER auto trans question

sorry if this is getting like a broken record, but here we go...
new-to-me 2002 Ranger 2.3 4cyl auto a/c. 107K miles. 2wd.
was a work truck. (removed and sold the ladder racks)
The problem:
Trans takes a while to engage D or R.
revs and bangs shifting 2- 3, 4-5. grinding sound in 2nd.
fluid level was 3" over on dipstick. sucked 3 quarts out of dipstick tube (with brake vacuum bleeder hose) to get it to proper level.
fuild is really dark, but doesn't smeel that bad. ( huh ?! )
The question:
what is your opinion of "change the fuild and filter, use a qt of Lucas, and that will fix it"?

edit.... after more research, seems like the "shift correction kit" is a good idea while I have the pan n filter off. but they say "5r55e". I have 5r44e, I think. does this apply to my trans ???

Thanks for the help !

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