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Default Re: 2009 4x4 Ranger Build

Been doing some work over my week long spring break.
This is how we buy tube. Thanks to my roommate’s Partystroke (build in progress).

But first, some pics from the Ocotillo trip that blew my front axleshaft.
Trying to keep up with quads is not advisable in 4hi. Was a fun little trip though.

Got to work on the new front axleshaft.

Here it is almost done. Doing 3 plug welds.

All done! Working 4x4 again. Will be making another axle with this 1.5 .250 wall and swapping it in for my passenger side and keeping the .120wall axle as a spare.

Started prep for my front bumper. I redid the condenser mount to get maximum clearance.
Also capped the frame rails.

Also a snap shot of my ABS mounting bracket that had to be modified to allow my tires to clear at full bump.

Installed a license plate surround and LED license plate bolts.
The bolts were $5 for the pair and one burnt out right when power was applied. Will be ordering some higher quality bolt lights that shine more white and less blue. Trying my best to keep the popo happy.

And some random flex shots. Prerunner? Crawler? Why not both?

Also welded my axle tubes to my housing. Will be doing a simple truss on top soon.
2009 4x4 Ranger Build

-Michael Danger Gonzalez
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