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Lightbulb NSFW: Why isn't there a "hot chicks" thread?

I'm not talking about any hardcore, nasty, make a sailor blush kinda stuff....

It seems like there should be a place here where us guys can post some pics of beautiful women with trucks, cars, choppers, lawn mowers, fishing, wearing bikinis (or less) or whatever.

From my research, every red-blooded American man likes a few simple things in life, no matter how old.
1. He'd like to see something nekkid
2. He'd like to have a comfortable couch & a big screen TV
3. He'd like to see some tricked out vehicles
4. He'd like to combine #'s 1, 2, & 3 together

(I haven't forgot about you ladies, feel free to make a "hot dudes" thread if you want)

I'm sure the mods will have to delete some Xplicit pics from time to time, but if you guys behave, we might not get shut down.

1. boobs are welcome
2. whale tails are welcome
3. camel toes & moose knuckles are welcome
4. butts are welcome
5. funny stuff is welcome
6. no xXx rated stuff
7. keep the chatter to a minimum, if we wanted to read 10 pages we'd pick up a book
8. no fighting, badgering or insults (keep it friendly & fun people)
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