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Default "New" Ford Ranger owner

Hey everyone, checking in from Northern West Virginia. A little info, I'm new to the forum (obviously lol) and as of the beginning of this week, the new owner of an older Ranger. Bought a '95 Ranger XLT ext. cab, 4.0 4x4 off my old man. Was in the market for a while now, for a truck to replace my over-worked '00 Dodge dakota 4x4 when my dad offered to sell me his ranger. It was a pretty easy decision to buy it as opposed to a newer F-150 like I was thinking considering this truck is in great shape (aside from one 'minor' issue which I'll get into in another thread), and only has 73,000 miles on it and I got it for next to nothing.

Anyhow, just thought I'd welcome myself aboard your forum and look forward to being here.
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