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Default Re: 2009 4x4 Ranger Build

Some updates. So after freezing my ass off in Johnson Valley over New Years, I decided that seat heaters were completely necessary.

Running the wiring under the vinyl

Switches in the cupholder. Heated seats are so nice… 3 settings. High and Lo and Off

Switch panel marked off. Bottom is for my e-locker. Top is to disable ABS. Marked the centers of future switches.

Shock Tower crossbrace.

Organized all my little trinkets (spare nuts/bolts/screws/fuses,etc) in case of emergency.

Lower Control Arm crossbrace/front diff skid (steel)

Here’s my t-case skid plate.

U-joints on the 4x4 rear driveshaft I bought went bad so I installed new ones, and then sanded and painted the driveshaft

Fire extinguisher mounted.

Excuse the rushed job. Need to pull it back off and finish it but heres my whip mount.

Rear bumper done! and led license plate bolts.

Spare in bed

Look ma! No spare.

How did I do that?!

I love overhead welding.

This is my “spinner” 3/8 all thread with a super sick spare plastic thingy from casey4x4’s partystroke build.

LED dome light

LED engine bay light. Need to figure out a better way to run the wiring and get a mercury switch for it to automatically come on when the hood is up.

Here’s how I trimmed my driver inner fender.

And my passenger side didn’t need much. Some slight rub marks

Went cruising in Pismo, does 100x better than my old ranger.

Then went exploring our local tv tower road and climbed this huge peak overlooking Morro bay, San Luis Obispo, Santa Margarita

Morro rock in the background. It was steep as shit.

Went to Shaver Lake for some snow ‘froading.
Filling up

My friend Mile’s SAS Dakota behind me

On the trail.

Half way up.

I think they call this “rock crawling”

Some serious action.

Stopped at the top for lunch.

And a group pic

Because ocotillo…

My sleeved axles couldn’t harness the gnarness of me brapping over whoops in rally car mode (4hi). Yes I know dumb idea. So won’t be using rally car mode anymore. Good news is the axle failed at the sleeve material only, all my welds held. Plasma’d off the axle so I can drive her back up to San Luis Obispo .
So now I have this to work with… going with 1.5” .250 wall. This should hold up just fine.
2009 4x4 Ranger Build

-Michael Danger Gonzalez
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