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Originally Posted by AmericanPride! View Post
I was a shooting instructor back in the day. I know what I'm doing. I don't care what people on the internet think. They don't really know me or my past. Just a bunch of assumptions, usually by some douche on an ego trip.

You act like they're aren't people like that in the world. Cops used to be that way, before they had their balls cut by policy. Soldiers do it daily

Your gun is to save innocent people, but you allow an active shooter to continue?

Oh because the cops will come and deal with it right? How many lives will be lost before the first responder even shows up?

But most many lives will be lost before, a perimeter is set up, innocents evacuated, backup/SWAT to arrive, and then formulate a plan for entry?

Too many
My gun is not to save innocent people. That's the superhero mentality that gets people killed.

My gun is to protect myself and my loved ones. Other people have the same options as me for their own personal safety. Their safety is their responsibilty, not mine. If they fail to take it seriously, that's on them.

And trust me, I'm the last one to expect expect a cop to do anything. Lol.
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