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Originally Posted by Spidey2011 View Post
But how many rounds do you really need to stop an active shooter?
More than the piece of paper you're used to shooting at. Ask a cop or soldier who have actually been fired upon and returned fire, how many shots it takes. No wise ass "one good placed one". In the real world...things are totally different than the range.

Go on YouTube. Watch dash can shoot outs, security camera footage, even real world simulations. A closed mind in an ignorant mind

Your opinion would change


Originally Posted by Spidey2011 View Post

There's no way I'd willingly take on an active shooter with a rifle when I'm only armed with a handgun. Regardless of capacity. If confronted by the shooter or an opportunity for a clean shot presented itself, sure. But seeking it out? No way.
Different folks, different strokes. That's fine, I'll cover your exit.
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