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Default Re: Mid 2010 macbook pro issue!!

Originally Posted by casey.mikl View Post
I did. All good now. Pretty cool. Is there a way I can back up my old computer and restore this partition of the hard drive from that backup. So I can have both computers in 1?
Yes and no, You couldn't do an exact drop over due to the drivers not matching up. and files probably not being in the same place and pointers yada yada yada...
If it is a simple file structure back up (exact mirror of what your computer is (minus system files for they are always in use)) you can pretty much just copy pasta it to the new machine.
So yes you can, just depend on how it was backed-up how much effort it will take.

OR you can change how your digital files are all stored.
I personally keep everything in a completely separate directory, in your case a third partition, that way its easily noticed by both OSx and win7. I keep a complete and direct file backup on a NAS (network attached storage), they are super cheap now, only 150 bucks for 4TB for plug and play ease. So if anything crashed boom, OSx, linux, windows i have access to it without any weird one-file backups. I keep everything that is very important or need quick easy access on a program like google drive or mircrosoft onedrive, or dropbox.
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