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Default Re: 2.3L starting problem

Originally Posted by brokenIN View Post
As I mentioned before I have a 94 2.3L 2WD, Recently it's been not wanting to start, and I don't mean first thing in the morning. I'm talkin after driving it then shutting it off, sometimes it won't start again unless I let it sit for awhile. I've heard of this problem on other forums, but I never found a difinitve answer. Which is reason number 2 as to why I am now on this forum. A troubleshooting list would be awesome, better yet if this has happened to you, how did you fix it?

Starter is cranking fine, fuel pump is priming, and I have a brand new battery.
i think what you are saying is that the truck always cranks over it just somtimes will not start......if that is what you are saying it is not your battery is most likely and icm or a relay getting time it happens check for spark
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