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Default Re: noisy new drum brake shoes?

Originally Posted by snatiep View Post
Hello Everyone!

The other day I replaced the rear drum shoes in m 1996 ranger, 2 wheel drive.

Is it unusual for them to be "noisy" until broken in? By noisy I mean it sounds similar to a noisy tire or a wheel bearing kind of sound. A "humming"

I don't think it can be a noisy tire or wheel bearing as this "sound" only started happening after I replaced the shoes.

I didn't have the drums turned but they did have some grooving in them.

Should I just give them a while to break in and hopefully the sound will go away?

Thanks very much for your help and comments!
i used the same shoes and i did not turn my drums. everything worked fine.......when you say you had you mean groves from the old rivets?..........did you use brake cleaner on the drums?......did you adjust the brakes so they were to tight on the drum?
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