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Default Re: STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}

Originally Posted by 03crewcabranger View Post
First thing I did was a backup. Man, we have like 150 gbs of information.. it took me a couple of days to transfer that amount of info.. lol

I've googled that, and I've been reading about the error. I asked the tech guy if he was gonna run those tests but never got a straight answer.. he just kept repeating "i'll stick to repair the windows"...
Usually when you get a blue screen, repairing (or patching) will take more time then... oh wait, his way it already took WAY more time than mine.

If you have that much important data, it's not lost, its only your OS that's affected, just install a small drive in the box, install a fresh OS. Once the new OS is up and running, use the original drive as slave and delete the old OS folders manually, and keep your data on there.

IT are tools (lol sorry if anyone here works as IT).
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